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HADES 9x Duel Report
August 2001

4 duelists face off in a Division 25 duel that spans a staggering 24 turns. Victor Torres takes first place with 1 kill (survivor point), Eric Seale took second with 1 kill (surrendered to Victor), Bryan Kollmorgen took third with one kill (vehicle killed)and Kirk Draut in last place with no kills (vehicle killed, driver killed).

All 4 vehicles entered from different sides of the arena. Kirk immediately turned towards Bryan and accelerated. Bryan accepted the challenge and swung around to face Kirk. Eric and Victor both headed towards the impending slugfest. Both Kirk and Bryan opened fire at the end of turn 2, with Bryan doing minor damage to Kirk's front and Kirk doing moderate damage in return. Both cars fired again on turn 3. Kirk did minor damage to Bryan's front, then lost over half his front armor to Bryan's return volley. The hazard from Kirk's HVMG, combined with Bryan's sharp turn, was too much for Bryan's suspension and he lost control and rolled. Kirk swung past Bryan's rolling trike and headed towards Eric, Victor still being to far away to engage.

Eric and Kirk exchanged fire, both doing moderate damage. Eric's FCGS put a flaming wall between the cars as they passed. As both cars swung around to engage again, Victor reached the combat. Bryan, having ended his roll on his wheels, floored it and headed back into the fight. Eric took fire from both sides as Victor and Kirk both engaged him. Eric was caught between Kirk and Bryan as Kirk fired into Eric's front armor and Bryan fired into Kirk's front armor, breaching it and destroying the HVMG. Kirk was t-boned by Eric before getting blasted by another triple-RR blast from Bryan, vaping the plant and killing the him. While Kirk's car sailed driverless across the arena, Bryan, Eric and Victor exchanged RR shots. Bryan blasted Victor for heavy damage, then lost control and skidded to a stop, losing all three tires. Eric's shots and following t-bone collision breached Bryan's armor and destroyed his plant, taking him out of the game. Bryan bailed out as his gas engine burst into flame.

Eric and Victor began to circle, trading RR fire. Eric slowed to 5 MPH, allowing him to pivot to keep Victor in his front arc. Eric's heavy armor wore down under Victor's RR fire, while Eric had difficulty hitting Victor's sloped trike. Eric lost one RR, immediately followed by losing the second RR and most of his plant. With no direct fire weapons left, he surrendered to Victor.

24 turns elapsed.
Bryan: Vehicle killed, one kill.
Kirk: Died, no kills.
Eric: Surrendered, one kill.
Victor: Survived, one kill.

Victor drove a Locust:
Name: Locust Cost: $24,489 Weight: 1,905
Body Style: Lt. Trike/CA Frame Chassis: Extra-Heavy Suspension: Heavy
Plant: 50 CID, blueprinted, tubular headers, VP Turbo, 5 gal. dueling tank
Armor: Fireproof Plastic, Sloped F: 40 B:40 L: 40 R: 40 T: 5 U: 5
Tires: 3 PR Radials, fireproof Crew: Driver with HRSWC, PFE, Fireproof Suit
Weapons: RR (HEAT) right
Accessories: ABS, No-Paint windows, HD Shocks, Spoiler
Acceleration: 15 Top Speed: 85 Handling Class: 3


Kirk drove a Stuka:
Name: Stuka Cost: $24,754 Weight: 5,745
Body Style: Mid-size Chassis: Extra-Heavy Suspension: Heavy
Plant: Large Plant w/PC,SC
Armor: Fireproof Plastic F: 60 (ramplate) B: 40 L: 45 R: 45 T: 5 U: 5
Tires: 4 PR Crew: Driver (HRSWC)
Weapons: HVMG (HD ammo, BTC) Front , SD (Explosive) Back
Accessories: HD Shocks
Acceleration: 5 Top Speed: 102.5 Handling Class: 3


Eric drove a Brick:
Name: Brick Cost: $24,036 Weight: 5,756
Body Style: Midsize Chassis: Extra-Heavy Suspension: Heavy
Plant: Large Plant w/PC,SC
Armor: Fireproof Plastic F: 80 B: 50 L: 54 R: 54 T: 5 U: 5
Tires: 4 PR, fireproof Crew: Driver (HRSWC, flak vest, PFE)
Weapons: 2xRR (HEAT) Front , FCGS Back
Accessories: HD Shocks
Acceleration: 5 Top Speed: 102.5 Handling Class: 3


Bryan drove an unnamed trike:
Name: ???? Cost: $24,890 Weight: 4,192
Body Style: X-Heavy Trike Chassis: Extra-Heavy Suspension: Heavy
Plant: Gas Plant???
Armor: Plastic F: 36 B: 36 L: 36 R: 36 T: 36 U: 24
Tires: 3 PR Crew: Driver with HRTC
Weapons: RR (HEAT) Front, RR (HEAT) Right, RR (HEAT) Left (linked)
Accessories: HD Shocks, HD Brakes, ABS, Imp. Fire Extinguisher
Acceleration: 10 Top Speed: 75 Handling Class: 2

NOTE: After the duel it was determined that Bryan's trike was overweight,
as it had been designed without any ammo for the RRs.


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