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HADES 9x Duel Report
November 2001

Four duellists met in the HADES arena for this Division 40 duel. Bryan Kollmorgen in a sloped, metal-armored sedan, Kirk Draut in a CA-framed lux with 5 forward-firing recoiless rifles, Victor Torres and Eric Seale in nearly identical sloped sedans with dual gauss guns and triple spike dropppers.

The arena was modified with several bunkers (infinite DP) and a wrecked car for this duel. Each duellist started from a different side of the arena.

Bryan turned towards Kirk in the first turn, both duellists having old scores to settle. Shots were exchanged in the second turn. Bryan's ATG stripped 13 points of Kirk's front armor. Kirk hit with 4 of 5 recoiless rifles, removing 3 points of Bryan's metal armor but failing to damage anything inside the vehicle. Eric and Victor exchanged fire with their gauss rifles, each hitting with one and missing with one. Eric took 9 points off Victor's front while Victor removed 7 points of Eric's front armor.

Bryan dropped a heavy-duty flame cloud, hoping to catch Kirk it it. Kirk sverved out of the way and nailed Bryan with a paint streamer, painting his car bright pink. Eric nailed Victor with both gauss guns for a whopping 25 points of damage, triggering his spike droppers as well. Victor dropped spikes as well.

The tail chasing race began as both Bryan and Kirk made hard right turns. Kirk roared off across the arena with Bryan in pusuit as Eric and Victor circled towards Bryan. Bryan had marked himself as the most dangerous vehicle, making him the biggest target in the arena. Eric hit Victor with one gauss gun, removing 10 points of left side armor. Victor hit Bryan's right side armor for 13 points, penetrating it and hitting the plastic underneath. Victor clipped Bryan as he swung past him, doing 1 point of damage to each car.

Eric and Victor both missed Bryan the next turn as the tail-chase continued. Kirk fired his paint sprayer again, angling the spray to catch Bryan in the next turn. As Eric swung behind Victor, Victor fired all of his weapons. His spikes nailed Eric's tires for 6 points as his gauss guns chipped at Bryan's rear armor. Eric hit Victor's rear armor with both gauss guns for 15 points. Bryan's sedan was once again painted pink as he entered Kirk's paint stream. Bryan triggered his HDFCE and set it to automatic to break up the parade forming behind him.

The next turn, Bryan nailed Kirk with his ATG, sending him into a major fishtail to the right. Kirk triggered his HTMs and accelerated to 70. Eric hit Victor with both gauss guns again, stripping 20 points of Victor's rear armor. Bryan fired his ATG at Kirk, but missed.

Kirk fired his paint streamer again, recoating Bryan's car. Victor dropped spikes again in an effort to shake Eric. Eric fired his gauss guns again, blowing through Victor's rear armor, spike dropper and Victor, chipping at Victor's plant. Bryan hit Kirk with his ATG, removing most of Kirk's rear armor and sending him into a skid. Kirk slammed on the brakes in an effort to make Bryan overshoot him. To everyone's amazement, Bryan decelerated 50 MPH to stay behind Kirk.

At this point, the game was called due to darkness and spouses.

12 turns elapsed.
Bryan: Survived, no kills.
Kirk: Survived, no kills.
Eric: Survived, one kill.
Victor: Dead, no kills.

The Designs:

Eric and Victor both drove Electric Mayhems.

Name: Electric Mayhem Cost: $38,373 Weight: 6,119
Body Style:


Chassis: Extra-Heavy Suspension: Heavy
Plant: Large Plant (PC/SC)
Armor: Plastic,
F:60 B: 50 L: 55 R: 55 T: 8 U: 8
Tires: 4 PR Crew: Driver (HRSWC)
Weapons: 2x GG (linked) Front, SD (explosive) Right, SD (explosive) Back, SD (explosive) Left (all SDs linked, SDs linked to GGs)
Accessories: HD Shocks
Acceleration: 5 Top Speed: 97.5 Handling Class: 3

Note: Eric traded 5 points of armor for radial tires.

Kirk drove a Greebo:

Name: Greebo Cost: $39,075 Weight: 6,600
Body Style: Luxury (CA Frame) Chassis: Extra-Heavy Suspension: Heavy
Plant: Large Plant (PC/SC)
Armor: Plastic F:60 B: 40 L: 45 R: 45 T: 5 U: 5
Tires: 4 PR Radials Crew: Driver (HRSWC)
Weapons: 3xRR (HEAT) linked Front, 2sp EWP Left w/RR (HEAT) Front, 2sp EWP Right w/RR (HEAT) Front, GS (Paint) Right, GS (Paint) Back
Accessories: HD Shocks, HD HTMs, HD Brakes, EWP Ejectors
Acceleration: 5 Top Speed: 92.5 Handling Class: 4

Bryan drove an unnamed sedan:

Name: ????? Cost: < $40k Weight: ????
Body Style: Sedan Chassis: ?? Suspension: ??
Plant: Gas Plant
Armor: Metal, Sloped F: ?? B: ?? L: ?? R: ?? T: ?? U: ??
Tires: 4 ???? Crew: Driver
Weapons: ATG (APFSDS) Front, HDFCE Right
Accessories: HD Shocks, HD Brakes, ABS, Active Suspension, Spoiler, Airdam, ???
Acceleration: ??
Top Speed: ?? Handling Class: ??



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