Name: Ree-Yees Cost: $98,060 Weight: 6,600
Body Style: Luxury (CA Frame) Chassis: Extra-Heavy Suspension: Heavy
Plant: Sport w/SC/PC
Armor: FP Plastic F: 70


L: 45 R: 45

T: 9

U: 10
Tires: 4 FP PRR Crew: Driver (Cyberlink - Lasers)
Weapons: 3xLaser (Pulsed) Front linked, MD (napalm-Prox. fused) Back-Left, MD (napalm-Prox. fused) Back-Right, MDs linked, all weapons linked
Accessories: Overdrive, HD Brakes, ABS, Active Suspension, HD Shocks
Acceleration: 10
(5 w/OD)
Top Speed: 122.5
142.5 w/OD
Handling Class: 5


Name: Tesla Cost: $96,915 Weight: 6,565
Body Style: Station Wagon (CA Frame) Chassis: Extra-Heavy Suspension: Heavy
Plant: 150 CID (BP, TH, VP Turbo), 5 Gal. Duelling Tank
Armor: Fireproof Plastic, Sloped F: 60 B:50 L: 45 R: 45 T: 10 U: 10
Tires: 4 PR Radials FP Crew: Driver (HR TC)
Weapons: 3 x GG (linked) Front, 2x EWP w/ejectors each w/GG Front (linked), EWP GGs linked to Front GGs, EWP ejectors linked
Accessories: HD Shocks, Laser Battery
Acceleration: 5 Top Speed: 67.5 Handling Class: 4



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