HADES House Rules

1. No direct fire at tires.

2. The 2 and 12 rule is in effect. A roll of 2 is an automatic miss, while a 12 is not an automatic hit.

3. Oil and Ice form an oily slush, not a sheet of ice coated with oil. It is a D2 hazard, not a D4.

4. Trikes may use side-mounted blast cannons, but not side-mounted AT-guns. Also, trike side-mounted weapons may be linked with a standard link instead of a smart link.

5. All crew members get 50 skill points, with a maximum of +2 in any skill. Only drivers and gunners are allowed, no passengers.

6. Subcompacts only lose 1 space when both sloped and streamlined.

7. XLs and HXLs may be pulsed. If you want to blow $15k on one weapon, go for it.

8. All gas engines must have a 5 gallon fuel tank, minimum.


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